Paleo Politics

Research in cognitive psychology shows… that once we commit to a belief we employ the confirmation bias, in which we look for and find confirming evidence in support of it and ignore or rationalize away any disconfirming evidence…reasoning with facts about the issues is quite secondary to the emotional power of first siding with your party and then employing your reason, intelligence, and education in the service of your political commitment.


Our political parties today evolved out of the Paleolithic parties of the past. source

Political party power struggles left and the right are both on the right, as statism is on the right. The statist party is a power struggle for legitimacy, where the fight is over what, and/or who, is legitimate, and has the power to reinforce that legitimacy. Although anarchism is a tribe of sorts, it is power itself that it holds as illegitimate, and the state as a biased actor moving towards the ends of justifying or confirming the bias of being legitimate, or a power, in the first place. Step off.

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