There are many varying shades of reds and/or blacks occupied in the silos of anarchism and its bedfellows below. Some of the links might be a space that now lays fallow or dead on the edge of the cultivated fields and forests of libertarianism on the web. Some of these links certainly do not represent where sits in the anarchist milieu. Some might actually run in an opposite, if not opposing, direction. The links are mixed up, not necessarily in order of importance, nor grouped into their respective silos.

The silos are disorganized as follows:

  • *asterisk: personal favorite (at this juncture anyway)
  • +plus: good (but lukewarm)
  • -minus: questionable ground
  • no mark: undecided or indifferent at this juncture
  • cf: chat or forum, but not necessarily the focus of the site.
  • There are more pressing things than checking for dead and passé links, but last check was 1/2019
    • b: broken, invalid link, check
    • d: dead or hiatus, but not an irrelevant archive (sitting idle, no more currently posting content)
      • “Dead” doesn’t necessarily mean these sites didn’t have something great to say (or terrible), so don’t necessarily write them off, as you might find a few treasures. Some pieces might now live on this site. Some dead sites may eventually reboot and start again.

Web Spaces/Formal Sites








broken and dead links not confirmed 1/2019, but at any rate, here are alternatives to mainstream media

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