Can We Do It Ourselves?

We can:

Overall this is a descent video, and going for a particular message or point, but a sequel is in order:


  • There is no discussion of the dangers of cooperatives still behaving like capitalists, or pushing past the “cost is the limit of price” principle to opt for theft via maximizing profits for the cooperative class/es…A type of petite bourgeoisie comes to mind, and this accusation has certainly been leveled against the concept of abolishing human rentals without abolishing capitalism as well
  • Not much is said about the power arrangements that keep the current systems in place, or alternatives in check
  • They don’t ask or explore the idea of capital or how they define capitalism
  • The banking question is not explored past “capital being hired” to ask how much interest is justified beyond strictly overhead, and if economic democracy would also occur in the banking system via cooperative-like banking models and if that would necessarily create lower interest or not
  • Related to the above, there is no mention of how or if the hiring of the capital transfers capitalism to the market/s via the process of pinpointing costs and prices. Is the “cost of doing business” with hired capital a cost plus situation where the price is cost plus interest to the consumer (probably is)? Is that interest gratuitous or just for overhead?
  • They do show that we, or a few “theys” out there, Can Do IT Themselves, without of course getting too deep into the weeds above

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