No Rights

No rights: link 1: Rights Are Santa Clauslink 2: Natural Law, or Don’t Put a Rubber on Your Willy

“There may be an indefinite number of potential reasons that speak against an act you wish to perform. Some may be sufficient, valid, others (perhaps all) insufficient, false. You may falsify them one by one. But no matter how many you succeed in falsifying, there may still be some left and you can never prove that there are none left. In other words, the statement that this act would be harmful is unfalsifiable. Since you cannot falsify it, putting on you the burden of proving that it would be harmless is nonsensical, a violation of elementary logic. On the other hand, any specific reason objectors may advance against the act in question is verifiable. If they have such reasons, the burden of proof is on them to verify that some or all of them are in fact sufficient to justify interference with the act…The presumption of liberty must be vigorously affirmed, if only to serve as an antidote against the spread of “rightsism” that would contradict and undermine it, and that has done so much to distort and emasculate liberalism in recent decades.” Anthony de Jasay

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