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There are religious and/or spiritual libertarians. That’s all well and good. The purpose of the “religion is dumb”/RID section of the site is not to demand people believe “this-or-that,” only to examine “this-and-that” in terms of religion. Some anarchists argue strongly for the abolition of religion, others not. The intentions of this portion of the site are to lay waste to religious ideas, not to abolish organizations or individuals that want to believe a certain way. It goes without saying, that you are free to believe as you believe.

Inquiry and reason can reveal the shortcomings of many ideas, but do not Always lead to the “Truth.” Religions typically claim to have a monopoly on The “Truth” or The Answer. This makes their ideas fair game for scrutiny. With that in mind:

“…theologians are well aware… that faith alone is not sufficient to make even half-wits believe in their mumbo-jumbo; they sense a need to sweeten the dose with such testimony as would convince a judge and jury. The result of their labours…has been only to reduce human reason to the quaking and malarious thing that it is today…and convert logic into a weapon that mauls the truth far more than it defends it… The truth is that every priest who really understands the nature of his business is well aware that science is its natural and implacable enemy. He knows that every time the bounds of exact knowledge are widened, however modestly, the domain of theology is correspondingly narrowed… Religion is a flight from reality.” H.L. Mencken

Theologians and philosophers have produced nothing more than strings of words as evidence for the existence of deities, not physical evidence. The words they have compiled fail to give humanity even one reason to believe that any deity exists in reality. Religion is dumb because no god or gods exist, so devoting time, resources, and energy into make-believe-nonsense is indeed dumb, if not psychotic.

“Religion is a universal neurosis.” Sigmund Freud

RID hosts Rationally Intelligent and Determinate Repudiations and Indictments of Deities, a Rigorous Inquisition and Dissection of theism and God-theories. In other words, a compilation of arguments for agnosticism and atheism. Religion Is Dumb .com is open to improvement and revision where needed, unlike religion.

Religion Is Dumb is an educational attempt to help RID the world of neurotic stupidity (not to mention terrorism and war).

“Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.” Edward Burke

What Burke failed to mention is that religion is feeble superstition.


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